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Direen Seasons poetry



ISBN 978-19911671-0-1

See also companion volume Stream Light

Seasons is an epic poem in three parts. It spans a year of relative isolation on a strath (wide valley-plain) an hour's drive from Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

Seasons is a realistic account of both the land and a community and its mores. In its measured stanzas, it carries the commendable weight of things closely observed. Nicholas Reid, NZ Listener, June 4, 2022.

A poem diary that in effect is a successful, coherent book-length poem, Season commands attention the whole way through. The level of perception throughout is of an equal high quality. Tony Beyer, Scoop Review of Books. May 28, 2022. https://books.scoop.co.nz/2022/05/28/verses-that-think/

"[Direen] understands how to play with sound, far beyond what most people are used to." Jazmine Bell, Be Yourself, 7 June, 2022

"In his observations of Nature and himself he is clear-eyed and not seduced by notions of romantic seclusion in the small town of fifty roofs. Direen is no recluse, his pages pepper in encounters with neighbours, tradespeople and locals embedded in the small community." Graham Reid, Elsewhere travel and writing. June 2, 2022

An extract in-progress appeared in the NZ magazine Landfall in 2016. It is published by South Indies Text and Music Publishing, who offer a free 'audiobook' download with music by Steve Cournane (percussion), William Henry Meung (guitars) and Bill Direen. To receive it, buy the printed book and then enter their code into the box at https://southindies1.bandcamp.com/yum

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