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South Indies began in the 1980s as a specialist NZ music and books mail order company.

Today, it handles and protects songs & texts, independently or in partnership with other small presses and labels.

In 2022, South Indies has released poems for publication, and a 20th anniversary edition of a novel. It has recently freed up usage of existing material for Grapefruit (U.S.A.), Sophomore Lounge (U.S.A.), Flying Nun (N.Z.), Partizanska Knjiga (Serbia), Thokhei Tapes (Hamburg) and others. It has partnered to release vinyl albums with Zelle Records (Austria) and Powertool Records (Auckland, NZ), notably Cut by Bilders (Direen, Derek Champion and many Dunedin guests) and Chrysanthemum Storm. [[ More info ]]. It has partnered to release poems for publication with Grapefruit.

Vinyl may be purchased from any of the partners and in N.Z. you can buy some vinyl and texts from retail outlets like Flying Out, 80 Pitt Street, Auckland 1010 (texts and music, online order), Relics (vinyl) in Dunedin, or The Open Book (texts), 201 Ponsonby Road, Auckland 1011 (online), Volume Book Store, Scorpio Books and UBS Otago.

If you want definitive lyrics or wish to release or translate songs or writings, or perhaps you are wanting to inquire about film rights to a novel ... just contact us.

About using songs & texts.

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